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Sprinkler System in UAE

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About Sprinkler System

A sprinkler system is used to suppress the spread of fire and prevent damage due to fire. It is ideal to set up sprinkler systems in commercial buildings, homes, laboratories and industrial power plants. Fire sprinkler systems are equipped with a closed head sprinkler held closely by a heat-sensitive glass bulb or a two-part metal link that is held together with a fusible alloy. If the sprinkler head is exposed to excess heat the glass bulb breaks and activates the sprinkler system. A standard wet pipe sprinkler system is the most commonly used fire sprinkler system as it is known for its rock-solid reliability. In this system, each sprinkler head activates independently as the sprinklers close to the fire will operate thereby reducing damage due to water in the building. A fire sprinkler system does less damage than a firefighting hose stream.

Fire sprinklers activate between one to four minutes from the start of fire which gives enough time for the fire brigade to arrive and set up the firefighting equipment. Some commonly used fire sprinkler systems are wet pipe system, dry pipe system, deluge system and pre-action system. Other sprinkler systems include foam water sprinkler system, water spray system and water mist sprinkler system. Some fire sprinklers are designed with rotating heads which cover a wide area. You can save lives and prevent damage to property by installing a sprinkler system to your home or office workplace. Some popular locations to find sprinkler systems in the UAE are Deira, Al Quoz Industrial area, Al Quasis, Sheikh Zayed road, Hamdan Street, Latifa Towers, Silicon Oasis, Damascus Street, Musaffah, Muroor Road, Electra Street, Corniche Road, SAIF zone, Industrial Area 13 Sharjah.