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Insulation Of Pipes And Fittings in UAE

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Products & Services : Insulation of Pipes and Fittings
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Products & Services : Insulation of Pipes and Fittings
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Products & Services : Insulation of Pipes and Fittings

About Insulation of Pipes and Fittings

Insulation Of Pipes And Fittings

UAE is ranked seventh in the list of world's largest oil & gas reserves and over 80% of its GDP is dependent upon Oil & gas export. This large amount of transportation takes place through pipelines, both in land and undersea. There are other pipelines that carry potable water and grey water. There is a huge demand of pipelines in the UAE and a need for their insulation.

The climates fluctuation in the UAE is pretty common and it may cause cracks and damages to the pipelines. The pipeline should be able to resist a boiling as well as freezing temperature. There are two types of pipeline insulation, thermal insulation and acoustic insulation.

Thermal insulation is done to reduce the heat transfer through the pipe. Heat transfer could occur due to an object in touch with the pipe or a it could be in range of a radioactive substance. Pipes usually operate at an optimum temperature and if is influenced by a heat from third party object which is not the optimum temperature, the pipe would get damaged.

Acoustic insulations are soundproofing measures that reduce the sound pressure in a pipe from an external entity. There are several soundproofing techniques such as using noise barriers to reflect or absorb the energy, using sound baffles and use of anti-noise sound generators.

The insulation also facilitates the liquid substances to flow smoothly and ensures their physical safety as well. Sometimes people install the pipeline first & then perform the insulation and the others directly install pre-insulated pipes for the respective applications. There are many manufactures who supply pre-insulated pipelines for different applications. You could find these manufacturers and suppliers in the popular places such as Mussafah-Zone Abu Dhabi, Al Quoz Industrial Area Dubai, Hamriyah Free Zone Sharjah, Jebel Ali UAE and Deira Dubai.