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Qusais Industrial Area 3Dubai, UAE 172797


AL MAJARA POLYCHEM Waterproofing Materials | AWAZEL Waterproofing Materials | BASF Waterproofing Materials | BITUMAT Waterproofing Materials | COLMEF MONNELI Waterproofing Materials | CORROTECH Waterproofing Materials | DERMABIT Armoproof | DERMABIT Elasphalt | DERMABIT Waterproofing Materials | DERMABIT Waterproofing Products | DUPROOF Waterproofing Materials | EXEED Waterproofing Materials | FOSROC Waterproofing Materials | GREENSEAL MALAYSIA Crystaline Coating | GREENSEAL MALAYSIA Floor Coating | GREENSEAL MALAYSIA Waterproofing Materials | HENKEL POLYBIT Waterproofing Materials | ISOMAT GREECE Crystaline Coating | ISOMAT GREECE Floor Coating | ISOMAT GREECE Waterproofing Materials | LATICRETE Waterproofing Materials | MAPEI Waterproofing Materials | MODSEAL Acrylic Cementitious | MODSEAL Acrylic Coating | MODSEAL Aluminium Flashing | MODSEAL Backing Rod | MODSEAL Board | MODSEAL Bonding Agents | MODSEAL Elastomeric Coating | MODSEAL Filler Board | MODSEAL Foam | MODSEAL Geocell | MODSEAL Geogrid | MODSEAL Membrane (APP/SBS) | MODSEAL Non Woven Geotextile | MODSEAL PP Board | MODSEAL Primer | MODSEAL PU Coating | MODSEAL PU Sealant | MODSEAL Root Barrier | MODSEAL Root Guard | MODSEAL Salt Barrier | MODSEAL Water Stopper | MODSEAL Woven Geotextile | PIDILITE Waterproofing Materials | PLUVITEC Waterproofing Materials | SIKA Waterproofing Materials | SODAMCO Waterproofing Materials | SOPREMA Waterproofing Materials | TERRACO Waterproofing Materials | WEBER Waterproofing Materials |Read More...
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Al QasmiyaSharjah, UAE 123352

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PrimersWireless AccelerometersVibration MetersWireless Voltage Detection SensorsWireless Water Detection Sensors, Wireless Pulse CountersWireless Pressure MetersWireless Button Press SensorsWireless Gas Detection SensorsWireless Resistance SensorsWireless Ultrasonic Ranging SensorsWireless Air Quality SensorsWireless Air Velocity SensorsDifferential Air Pressure SensorsWireless Vehicle Detection SensorsWireless Soil Moisture SensorsPropane Tank Monitoring SensorsWireless Standard Temperature SensorsWireless High Temperature SensorsWireless Low Temperature SensorsWireless Duct Temperature SensorsWireless Digital Temperature SensorsWireless Infrared Motion SensorsWireless Lux Light MetersWireless Par Light MetersWireless 20 Amp Three Phase Current MetersThree Phase Current MetersWireless 150 Amp Three Phase Current MetersWireless 500 Amp Three Phase Current MetersInterface MetersWireless Dry Contact SensorsWireless 20 MA Interface Current MetersThermocouplesWireless Thermocouple SensorsPulse CountersPressure MetersUltrasonic Ranging SensorsTemperature IndicatorsWireless Temperature SensorsHumidity SensorsWireless Open Closed SensorsMotion and Occupancy SensorsWireless AC Current MetersWireless Light MetersWireless Three Phase Current MetersWireless Interface MetersWireless Interface SensorsHumidity Data LoggersGSM Data LoggersStrip Chart RecordersWifi Centralized Monitoring SystemsThermometersContainer LinesCalibration ServicesContainer Plastic SealsContainer Bolt SealsHygrometersPolystyrene SheetsInfrared ThermometersDigital ThermometersMedical EquipmentWIfi SensorsThermal Insulation LinersGlobal Sensors Strip Chart Temperature RecordersFood TempuratureBlood TemperatureOnline Temperature MonitoringLive Temperature MonitoringTemperature SolutionsTemperature SensorsData LoggerContainer LinersThermal LinersThermal BlanketsProbe ThermometersGlobal SensorsPressure SensorsWater Temperature SensorsCO2 SensorsCO SensorsMonoclonal AntibodiesOligosNucleotidesPolyclonal AntibodiesMaster MixDNA LaddersRestriction EnzymesChemicalsGlasswarePurification KitsAnalyzersAntibodiesRecombinant ProteinsAmino AcidsSolventsBuffersBiological ProteinsPlastics WareConsumablesPipettesSerological PipettesResearch and Development LabsLife ScienceLab EquipmentReagentsMicroscopesDNA Extraction KitsTemperature Data LoggersRNA Extraction KitsPCR Kits and ReagentRead More...

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