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Brannan Pressure Guages

Master Mechanical Equipment LLC
Shop 13,14,15,16, Plot No: 31, Mussafah Industrial Area- M9 Abu Dhabi, UAE 92905
02-5553534    050-3355250    02-5556323
Products & Services : Oil Seal, Hydraulic Hose Assembly, O Rings Rubber, Mechanical Seals, Industrial Hoses, Hydraulic Valves, Sprockets, Pulleys, Proportional Valves, O Rings, Hydraulic Tools, Hydraulic Equipment, Endcap, Element, Deep Groove Ball Bearings, Chemical Hose, Check Valves, O-Rings, Battery Cut Off Switches, Piston Seals, FRL Units, Hydraulic Fittings, Polyurethane Tubes, Rubber Sheets and Gasket Sheets, Universal Joints, Gas Springs and Accessories, Pneumatic Cylinders and Valves, Pneumatic Filters Regulator and Lubricants, Pulley and Taper Locks, Filter Regulator, Felt, Fcl, Exhaust Pipe, Element And Coupling, Electronic Pressure Switch, Electrical Winches, Dowty Washer, Double Bolt Clamp, Directional Valve, Digital Pressure Level Transmitter, Differential Pressure Transmitter, Differential Pressure Switch, Differential Pressure Gauge, Differential Flow Meter, Diaphragm, Coupling Element, Cork Sheets, Copper Tube, Constant Lever Oiler, Concrete Hose, Circlip, Chicago Coupling, Centralized Lubrication System, Capillary Thermometer, Bimetal Temperature Gauge, Actuators, Wiper Seal, Winches, Water Suction Hose, Water Pump Seals, Water Flow Meter, Vee Pack Seal, V Belts, Tyre Flex Couplings, Transparent Reinforced Hose, Timing Belt, Thrust Cylindrical Bearing, Thrust Ball Bearings, Thermometers, Temperature Sensors, Temperature Gauges, Tapered Roller Bearings, Strut, Spherical Roller Bearings, Spark Arrestor, Solenoid Operated Directional Valves, Solenoid Coil, Shutdown Valves, Sensors, Seals, Rubber Coupling, Roller Bearings, Rigid Couplings, Radiator Hoses, Quick Coupling, Pressure Transmitter, Pneumatic Valves, Pneumatic Tubes And Fittings, Pneumatic Solenoid Valves, Pneumatic Seals, Pneumatic Regulators, Pneumatic Lubricants, Pneumatic Fittings, Pneumatic Components, Pneumatic Actuators, Petrol Suction Hose, Oil Suction Hose, Oil Seals Viton, Oil Level Indicators, Oilfield Suppliers, O Rings Viton, Nylon Reinforced Hose, Needle Roller Bearings, Multi Purpose Hose, Motor Cooling Fan, Manifolds, Level Transmitters, Level Switches, Level Indicators, Layflat Hose, Industrial Hoses And Hose Clamps, Hydraulic Solenoid Valves, Hydraulic Pumps, Hydraulic Motors, Hydraulic Hoses, Hydraulic Flow Control Valves, Hydraulic Equipment And Tools, Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Components, Hoses And Fittings, Hose Coupling And Fittings, Actuators, Wooden Coupling And Element, Wing Nut Coupling, Wind Plug, Wave Washer, Water Pump Bearing, Viton O Ring, Victaulic Coupling And Washer, Vacuum Gauge, V Ring, Universal Hose Joint, Tyre Coupling And Element, Tube Clamp, Throttle Check Valve, Test Point Hose, Test Point Adaptor, Temperature Pressure Transmitter, Temperature Controller, Teflon Tube, Teflon Sheet, Teflon Rod, Teflon Hose, Taper Lock Pulley, Taper Lock, Suction Filter, Strips, Storz Coupling, Steel Tube, Steel Cover Hose, Steel Ball, Steam Valves, Steam Traps, Steam Hose, Standard Cylinder, Stainless Steel Tube, Sprockets And Chains, Slim Cylinder, Silicon Hose, Shim Ss, Sandwich Belt, Rubber Mounting, Roller Chain, Rod Seal, Ro Pumps, Ribbed Belt, Reinforced Hose, Regulator Pneumatic, Rain Cap, Quick Exhaust Valve, Pu Tube, Pu Duct Hose, Pressure Switches, Pressure Level Transmitter, Pneumatic Oil Pump, Pneumatic Actuator With Valves, Peristaltic Pump, O-Rings Viton, O-Rings Rubber, O-Ring Silicone, Oil Level Gauges, Oil Breather, O Rings, O Ring Cords, Nylon Tube, Nylon Sheet, Nylon Rod, Needle Valve, MS Tubes, Motor Oil Pressure Sensor, Miniature Coupling, Metal Wiper Seal, Manually Operated Directional Valve, Manual Grease Pump, Manual Actuator, Lubricator, Lovejoy Coupling And Elements, Level Gauges, Interlock Hose, Interlock Flexible Hose, Impeller, Hydraulic Wing Nut Coupling, Hydraulic Suction Filter, Hydraulic Strip, Hydraulic Quick Coupling, Hydraulic Jacks, Hydraulic Fittings, Hydraulic Equipment, Hydraulic Cartridge Valve, Hydraulic Air Breather, Hydraulic Actuator, Hydraulic Accumulators, Hump Hose, Hose Mender, Hose Coupling, Hose Clamps, Heater Hose, Hand Press Pumps, Hand Cracked Pumps, Hand Control Valve, Hammer Unions, Guide Ring, Grease Nipple And Coupler, Grease Gun, Grease, Glass Tube, Gear, Gas Strut, Flow Switch, Gear Flex Couplings, Fuel Flow Meter, Flow Control Valves, Filters, Electrical Actuator, Duct Hose, Digital Temperature Gauge, Diesel Flow Meter, Cylindrical Roller Bearings, Coupling And Elements, Cooling Fan, Chevron Seals, Cartridge Valves, Camlock, Cable Chain Pvc, Battery On Off, Battery Isolator, Ball Valves, Ball Joint, Ball Bearings, Backup Ring, Automatic Spray Mist Lubrication Pump, Auto Drainer, Asbestos Sheet, Angular Contact Ball Bearings, Air Vent, Air Intake Shutdown Valve, Air Hose, Air Breather, Actuator With Valves, Acrylic Tube, Accumulators, Absolute Pressure Transmitter, Pneumatic Tools And Equipment, Pneumatic Cylinder, Gasket Sheets, Anti Vibration Mountings, Safety Relief Valves, Rubber Sheets, Roller Chain And Sprockets, Pneumatic Filters, Oil Indicators, Motor Couplings And Elements, Industrial Belts, Hydraulic Directional Control Valves, Gland Packing, Gas Springs, Flow Meters, Expansion Bellows, Chalwyn Valve, Pneumatic Equipment, Mechanical Seals, Hydraulic Equipment Tools and Supplies, Valves, Hose, Bearings, Couplings, Fittings, Solenoid Valves, Pressure Gauges, Hydraulic Seals, Hydraulic Hoses And Fittings, Winches, Valves, Sprockets, Pumps, Pulleys, Pressure Gauges, Pneumatic Tools and Equipment, Piling Equipment and Tools, Oilfield Supplies, Oil Seals, O Rings Rubber, O Ring Seals, Mechanical Seals, Hydraulic Tools, Hydraulic Seals, Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings, Hydraulic Equipment-Tools and Supplies, Hydraulic Equipment and Tools, Hose Couplings and Fittings, Flow Meters, De-watering Equipment and Services, Belts Industrial and Automotive, Bearings
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Tecnova Middle East Measuring Equipment LLC
Shop 18, Ali Rashid Al Lootah 2 Building, Al Rigga Dubai, UAE 380104
04-2341200/ 2611585    055-6320831    050-3545986
Products & Services : Freezer Thermometer, Fridge Thermometer, Multimeters, Digital Multimeters, Level Indicators, Catering Thermometer, Catering Test Thermometer, Distance Meter, Sound Level Meter, Cooking Thermometer, Copper Fittings and Tubes, Capillary Thermometer, Differential Pressure Gauge, Data Logger, Digital Timer and Clock, Laboratory Thermometer, Victor-Nitrogen Regulators, Manometer, Vernier Caliper, Acetylene Gauges, Oxygen Gauges, Acetylene Regulator, Oxygen Regulators, Brass Fittings, All Types of Calibration Services, Thermometers Calibration, Pressure Gauge Calibration, Calibration Thermometers, Calibration Pressure Gauge, Calibration Services, Calibration, Digital Thermometers, Electronic Weather Station, Swimming Pool and Pond Thermometers, Infrared Thermometers, Test Kit, Brass Test Plug, Manifold Gauges, Double Contact Pressure Gauge, Compound Gauges, Vacuum Gauges, Nitrogen Gauges, Refrigeration Gauges, Measuring Instruments, Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Meters, Measurement Instrumentation, All Types of Brass Fittings, Brass Fitting and Connector, Electronic Meters, Automatic Airvent, Nitrogen Regulators, Stainless Steel Thermowells, SS Thermowells, Brass Thermowells, Sensor Thermowells, Thermowells, Heat Transfer Paste, Marine Thermometer, Infrared Thermometer Gun Type, Oven Thermometer, Fridge or Freezer Thermometer, Pyrometers, Wall Thermometers, Straight Thermometers, V Line Thermometer, Everyangle Thermometer, Adjustable Angle Thermometer, Capillary Thermometer, Bi Metal Thermometer, Wind Speed Meter, Anemometer, Pocket Type Thermometer, Sling Hygrometers, Hygrometers, Whirling Hygrometers, Pressure Temperature Gauges, Pressure Gauges, Dielectric Union, Oilfield Supplies, Thermometers, Thermometers Industrial, Indoor Outdoor Digital Thermometers, Pressure Gauges, Oilfield Equipment, Instrumentation
Abu Dhabi Free Port Area Abu Dhabi, UAE 337
02-5542929    02-5548127
Brands: AFA Rubber and Rubber Products | AJAX Machine Tools | ALCO Valves | AMETEK Fireproofing Materials | ANDREX X-Ray Equipment | ARO Lubricants | ARO Pumps | BIRLA TRANSASIA Carpets and Rugs | BRANNAN Pressure Gauges | CELCO Pneumatic Tools and Equipment | CENERICO Paints | CLA-VAL Valves | CM Hoists and Winches | COLUMBUS McKINNON Hoists and Winches | COOPER AIRTOOL Tube Cleaning and Expansion Equipment | CRC Chemicals and Chemical Products | DEVCON Adhesives | ENERPAC Hydraulic Tools | ESAB Welding Consumables | FLEXELLO Castors and Wheels | FLEXITALLIC Gaskets | GASBOY Flow Meters | GEDORE Hand Tools | GENERICO Welding Equipment | GMS Storage Equipment | GOVA Alloys | GOVA Pipes and Pipe Fittings | HOBART Welding Consumables | HOKE Instrumentation | HOKE Valves | HUWA Couplings | ILVA Welding Consumables | ILVA Welding Equipment | INSULTEC Insulation Material | INTERPIPE Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe | ITW DEVCON Epoxy | JALLATTE Safety Footwears | JIWA INDUSTRIES Expansion Joints | KANGO Power Tools and Accessories | KEMIRA Safety Equipment | KEYSTONE Valves | KITO Hoists and Winches | KITZ Valves | KME Pipes and Pipe Fittings | KRUPP VDM Pipes and Pipe Fittings | KRUPP VDM Tubes and Tube Fittings | LINDAPTER Structural Fasteners | LISEGA Pipe Support Systems | MACOGA Expansion Bellows | METRODE Welding Consumables | MITUTOYO Measuring Equipment and Instruments | MOLYKOTE Lubricants | NAUTIC STEELS Tubes and Tube Fittings | NIPPON Pipes and Pipe Fittings | REED Welding Equipment | RIDGID Hand Tools | SANWA Valves | SECALT Hoists and Winches | SECALT Window Cleaning Equipment | SELKIRK Chimney Systems | SIMCO Gauges - Level | SI STUDS Stud Bolts | SPIRAX SARCO Strainers | TBA Belts - Industrial | TBA Packing and Jointing - Industrial | TGPRO Stainless Welded Pipes | THOMAS Vacuum Systems | TOZEN Flexible Hoses and Connectors | TRACTEL Material Handling Equipment | TRI TOOL Pipe Bevelling | UTEX Seals - Mechanical | Verlinde Lifting Equipment | VICINAY Chains | WAYNE Automation Equipment and Systems | WAYNE Fuel Pumps and Dispensers | WEILER Wire Brushes | WELLMAN ROBEY Boilers | WIELAND Tubes and Tube Fittings | ZENITH Pipes and Pipe Fittings |