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Hammer Unions in UAE

About Hammer Unions

Hammer unions are designed to join mud tanks easily without having to deal with weak connections. They comprise of three parts which are: the male part, female part and the nut part. The male part of the union is an external threaded portion which can be welded to the end of the pipe connected to the tank wall. The hammer union nut is threaded to the nut and tightened to the female part for better stability. There are two basic types of hammer unions which are hammer standard union and hammer sour gas union.

There are two types of hammer lug unions which are the hammer threaded union and the butt welded hammer union. The hammer threaded unions come in various sizes but however, the threading needs to be gauged, calibrated and inspected regularly. A butt welded hammer lug union is strong enough to withstand high pressure as they are butt welded with high pressure ends for increased tensile strength. Hammer unions are manufactured using steel forgings and other materials that are regulated to a specific pressure. They can be used for low temperature and high-temperature applications as they are resistant to extreme heat or extreme cold.

Hammer union manufacturers inspect the appliance thoroughly and ensure that they function optimally under high pressure or heavy load. Hammer unions can alter the pressure of flowing water as they flow through them. Some popular locations to get in touch with companies which supply hammer unions in UAE are Sheikh Zayed road, Hamdan Street, Jebel Ali, Industrial area 5, SAIF zone and Musaffah.