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Abrasives in Abu Dhabi

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About Abrasives


Abrasives are used to shape or to add finishing touches to a work piece. Finishing or adding finishing touches to a product usually refers to polishing or coating a product with a finishing, making the product ready for use. Finishing using abrasives refers to smoothening the surface of a product or providing special finishing touches like a rough, matte or beaded finish. “Abrasives” is a general category of products or equipment used in carpentry, production and other home and industrial uses. It includes a range of variations, which differ in chemical and structural composition, size, shape, and use. Abrasives are used in various industrial, technological and domestic applications, for polishing buffing, sanding, drilling, sharpening, lapping and cutting.

All abrasives are generally classified under two divisions, artificial and natural. Naturally occurring abrasives are those which are naturally formed, such as diamonds, sandstone, corundum, emery, flint, quartz, diatomaceous earth and tripoli, pumice, and granet. These abrasives vary in structural composition and applications from glass cutting to shaping and polishing. Synthetic or artificial abrasives are products of processed raw materials and precursors, synthesized for specific purposes. Industrial-grade artificial abrasives include glass powder, calcium carbide, boron carbide, silicon carbide, dry ice, and fused alumina.

Bonded abrasives consist of abrasive particles or particles from abrasive minerals and materials, contained within a matrix. This matrix is a binder like clay, rubber, glass or resin, which is used to bind the abrasive particles into blocks, sticks or discs. A few examples are grinding wheels, quick charge sanding discs, cutting wheels, and spiral bands. Abrasive dust or crush abrasive materials, fixed onto a backing material like paper, rubber, polyester or cloth are called coated abrasives. Some common examples of coated abrasives are sandpaper, striking surfaces of matchboxes, belt grinders, and so on.

There are various applications of abrasives in Abu Dhabi, with establishments in various sectors from carpentry and renovation to jewelry designing. Their other applications include glass cutting, repairs, fabrication, furniture refurbishing, and preparation of surfaces for paint and adhesive application. Importers and suppliers of world-class abrasives are popular in Dubai, Jebel Ali, Abu Dhabi and across the other emirates.