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Products & Services : 

Plumbing and Sanitary Contractors
MusaffahAbu Dhabi, UAE 109261

Products & Services : 

Plumbing and Sanitary Contractors
Near Dubai Grand Hotel, Al Ghusais Indl Area 2Dubai, UAE 20006
Near Down Town Hotel, Murshid Bazaar, DeiraDubai, UAE 8387
About Plumbing and Sanitary Contractors

Plumbing And Sanitary Contractors

Plumbing and sanitary contractors in UAE primarily cater to large projects. Their clients include the builders of residential and commercial complexes. They repair and install water tanks, repair burst or blocked pipes and undertake. The contractors take care of all aspects of plumbing beginning from purchase, calibration to installation. They take up cleaning work, which involves sewer cleaning and drain cleaning. Other works include bathroom repair, kitchen repair, rectifying water leakage and water logging. The contractors undertake remodelling of the existing plumbing work. Plumbing and sanitary work also involves installation of water heaters of two kinds – tank and tank less.

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