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Jacuzzi in UAE

Jebel Ali Free Zone (South)Jebel Ali, UAE 18400
Near Pan Emirates, Indl Area 17Sharjah, UAE 33767
Dubai, UAE 294487
BMTC Bldg, Bhnd Dnata, Al Muraqabat St, DeiraDubai, UAE 1247
Mazda S/Room Bldg, Near Galadari Signal, DeiraDubai, UAE 81416
Near R/A 12, Jebel Ali Free ZoneJebel Ali, UAE 61020
H-10, SAIF ZoneSharjah, UAE 9078

About Jacuzzi


Almost every luxury home has a jacuzzi, among its other luxurious household furnishings, fittings and equipment. Apart from a sign of a luxurious home design, jacuzzis are known for their abilities to reduce stress, cleanse one’s mind and in massage and spa treatments in the comfort of your own home.

“Jacuzzi” is an American multinational company that manufactures and supplies a range of precision-engineered hot-tubs to customers, including the rich and famous across the world. However, the term ‘jacuzzi’ has become a common name or term in reference to standard and special hot tubs in general, inclusive of whirlpool tubs and hot-tub spas. As a generic trademark jacuzzis have gained significant growth in popularity among various groups of people, with much more affordable alternative available to the working class and middle class.

The company has been a pioneer in the hot-tub and home spa industry, there has been tremendous growth in the market. Innumerous hot-tub manufacturers have sprung up, establishing strong foundations, building some of the most renowned brand names today. Today, with many manufacturers of hot tub Jacuzzi in UAE and overseas, there are a huge collection of hot-tubs that vary in design and features to choose from. Some common types of hot-tubs include portable vinyl-liner hot tubs, Acrylic-shell hot tubs, cement hot tubs, inflatable hot tubs, roto-molded hot tubs, wooden hot tubs, stainless steel hot tubs and fiberglass hot tubs.

With a raging growth in their demand for their features, comfort and medical advantages, their designs have improved and diversified into numerous types, that cater to various customers. These jacuzzis differ in capacity, space requirements, maintenance requirements, and other features that attract customers. In the UAE, suppliers of hot tubs deal with both locally manufactured products as well as those from internationally renowned brands. We can help you find the perfect suppliers, with products that meet both your requirements and budget. Some of the most prominent suppliers of jacuzzis in the UAE, established in Qusais 3 and the China cluster in Dubai, and Hamriyah Free Zone and SAIF Zone in Sharjah are listed on our website.