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Roof Structures in UAE

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About Roof Structures

Roof Structures

Roof structures are the frames that the roof is constructed on. The structure comprises of a series of beams, trusses, and rafters the give the roof its shape and on which the roof sheathing is laid. The roof structure provides the support on which the roof stands. Three types of roof structures were used in the construction of traditional roofs such as single roofs, double roofs, and trussed roofs. A single roof has rafters that are connected at the ridge and do not have any other intermediate support. This type of roof is used for smaller buildings. Single roofs are further classified into couple roofs, collar roofs, and close couple roofs.

A double roof structure is used when the roof under construction require rafters of a greater length. A double roof structure has beams that provide intermediate support to the rafters. A trussed roof structure is employed in many modern structures because of its architectural versatility. Trusses are pre-fabricated, triangular wooden structures that are used to provide support to the roof. There are different types of trussed roofs such as king post truss, pratt truss, queen post truss, howe truss, fan truss, north light roof truss, quadrangular roof trusses, parallel chord roof truss, scissor roof truss, and raises heel roof truss. Each of these variations of roof structures could be used for various roofs to bring about an aesthetic appeal. New industrial area in Ajman and Waha community in Dubai are some of the most popular locations in UAE to find the roofing contractors and companies that manufacture materials for the construction of roofing structures.