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Fans And Blowers in UAE

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About Fans And Blowers

Fans And Blowers

Industrial Fans and Blowers are powerful equipment used to provide a large flow of gas or air in various industrial processes. The machine works on the rotation of a number of blades, which are connected to a motor or turbine-driven hub and shaft. These fans have flow rates that range from 200 to 2,000,000 cubic feet/ min. When there is a downstream-sided resistance to the flow of the fan, the fan is commonly called a blower. Industrial fans and blowers are used in a number of industrial applications like combustion, aeration, exhaust, air-cleaning, ventilation, particulate transport, cooling, and drying. Industrial fans and blowers in UAE are used in pollution control, cement production, petrochemical, cryogenics, electrical power production, metal manufacturing and processing, clean rooms, mining, and food processing industries. Most of the industrial fans are of two major types, namely axial and centrifugal.

Centrifugal fan are designed to use the centrifugal force, which is generated by a rotating disk. The rotating disk is mounted with blades at 90 degree angles from the disk, which imparts movement to gas or air increasing its pressure. The hub, disk and blade together form the fan wheel, which often consists of other structural and aerodynamic components. The centrifugal fan is contained within a scroll-shaped fan shell, and is manufactured in various sub-types. A few of these industrial centrifugal sub-types include airfoil, paddle wheel, radial blade, industrial exhausters pressure blowers, and acid gas blowers.

Axial fans use axial forces which result in the central hub spinning, causing movement of the air or gas. The central hub has blades extending from its outer surface radially. Axial fans are usually contained within a cylindrical ductwork section, which is connected to inlet and outlet ducts. Axial fans are used where large flow volumes are required, and centrifugal fans where both high flow and pressure are required. A few suppliers of fans and blowers in UAE have outlets at Al Quoz Industrial Area 4, Ras Al Khor Industrial Area, and Al Qusais Industrial Area 4. All the fans and blowers in UAE that are imported, manufactured or supplied are required to meet the required industrial standards.