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About Keyed Alike Lock

Keyed Alike Lock

Keyed Alike Lock units are a set of locks that are redesigned and reengineered to be opened by one key. Though Locks that are keyed alike can be opened with a single key, they do not work the same way as a Master Key works. Master keys are used to open a complete set of locks, regardless of them being keyed alike or keyed to differ. In other words, whether the locks have a common key or a unique key for each lock, they can be opened with a master key. When Locks are keyed alike after production and sale, the original keys that come with the lock are usually of no use. This is because the levers inside the locks are rearranged to respond to the new common key.

Keyed Alike Lock sets are of two types, those that are manufactured in sets and those sets that are reengineered. Both these types of locks can be purchased through select locksmiths and lock manufacturers. A few advantages of having a set of locks (or door locks) keyed alike are convenience, efficiency, speed and comfort. Keyed alike locks allow users and owners to access multiple locks with ease, saving time and effort. It eliminates the need for the user to sort through numerous keys to find the right one. Moreover, locks that are keyed alike, promotes easy access through a locked portal in the case of an emergency, when compared to regular unique-key locks.

There are several renowned lock manufacturers and locksmiths that deal with keyed alike locks in UAE. These renowned names in the market for locks have outlets and workshops set up across the UAE at places like SAIF Zone in Sharjah. From the many outlets across the Emirates, these lock traders, manufacturers and locksmiths deal with a wide range of locks and hardware. Listed with us are some of the most renowned lock manufacturers in the UAE.

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