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About Mortise Cylinder

Mortise Cylinder

A Mortise Cylinder is a locking mechanism used in a mortise lock. Mortise locks use varying locking mechanisms, which are fitted in a mortise housing, in the cavity of a door. Though most of these locks use a lever locking system, a significant number of types of the device uses mortise cylinders. Euro Profile locks are the most common type of lock that use a keyed cylinder or cylindrical locking system that is housed in the door. However, a mortise cylinder is often mistaken for a rim cylinder, because they look almost the same.

A Mortise cylinder has a number of unique features that set it apart from other lock devices. The cylinder typically has threaded grooves on its outer surface, like threads on a screw. These groves allow the cylinder to be secured into the lock body in the door. The tailpiece of the cylinder, usually a circular shape with an extended rectangle, is flush against the back surface of the device. When the right key is put in and turned, the rectangular part of the tailpiece moves and opens the lock. Defined by its name, a mortise cylinder fits into the lock body which is installed in a mortise or cavity in the door.

Mortise locks, cylinders and complete lock sets are available at door hardware suppliers and specialty lock manufacturer outlets across the Emirates. SAIF Zone in Sharjah is one of many places in the region where some of the most reliable lock and hardware suppliers in UAE can be found.From their outlets in the UAE, these businesses supply a wide range of door locks to customers across the Emirates and on a global scale. Listed with us are also some of the most renowned names in lock design and manufacturing in the UAE.

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