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Furniture Lock in UAE

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About Furniture Lock

Furniture Lock

Furniture locks refer to locks and latches that are used to secure, lock and restrict access to pieces of furniture and its contents. These locks are found in all kinds of furniture from desks and file cabinets to wardrobes and kitchen cabinets. Furniture locks are installed or preinstalled onto pieces of furniture to secure and protect the contents stored in them. Though these locks cover a wide range of locking and latching devices, they can be categorized into three basic types. These include cupboard locks, pedestal locks and drawer locks. Apart from these three types, these locks differ in many features like size, level of security, type of core and so on.

Cupboard locks are embedded in the body of a cupboard or a cabinet door. These locks can either have a fixed lock core or a removable lock core. Pedestal locks are designed to work on pedestal or mobile drawer units of furniture. These locks comprise of both fixed and removal core locks, as well as locking bars that work with these locks for each drawer in the unit. Drawer locks are common in larger pieces of furniture like study tables and work desks with drawers. These locks are also used in bedroom units like dressers to store valuables.

Most furniture locks include different types of locking systems that require unique types of keys. Deadbolt, combination, gang, slider, electronic and cam locks are the most common of these. In addition to locks, most pieces of furniture are also fitted with parts like magnet catch pieces, door stops and other catch, latch or locking mechanisms. There are Suppliers and specialty traders that deal with all kinds of locking accessories and furniture locks in UAE. A few of them can be found at places like the SAIF Zone in Sharjah, UAE.

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