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Padlock in UAE

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About Padlock


A Padlock is a detachable lock that is fitted with a lock body and a shackle that is hinged at one end. The working of the device is based on the shackle that can rotate on a fixed axis to open and close. The shackle of the lock is commonly a ā€˜Uā€™ shaped metal bar, connected by a hinge at one part of the lock to allow it to rotate. The other end of the bar is designed with a gap in which the locking mechanism holds the shackle closed. When the right key (or key combination) is used, the locking mechanism releases the shackle, which allows the lock to open. Padlocks are mostly used to lock metal gates with a provision for the use of a lock or with a chain to restrict entry or use.

Padlocks come in a wide range of designs, shapes and sizes, as well as with variations in the type of key used to open the lock. While most of these locks are used for the same purpose, to secure, restrict use or restrict access of property, there are a many types of padlocks used today. Shielded, combination lock, split lock, press lock and safety padlocks are a few types that are most used. All these types of padlocks can be engineered to be unlocked with a unique key, with a single key, or with a unique key and a master key.

All kinds of Padlocks for commercial, personal and special use can be bought at the many hardware and specialty lock outlets in the UAE. These lock suppliers and hardware stores can be found across the Emirates in strategic and industrial areas like the SAIF Zone in Sharjah. Find market leaders in the market for locks and other hardware listed with us and find the right products that best suit your needs.

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