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Master Key Lock in UAE

About Master Key Lock

Master Key Lock

Master Key Lock Systems are designed to function like normal locks, with the ability to be opened by a master key. These locks can be either those locks with normal keys or even keyed alike lock sets, or both. A Master Key is engineered to access a complete set of locks, like hotel room doors, in addition to the key made for that specific lock. Unlike keyed alike lock sets, master key locks function like any other normal lock, with a unique key for each lock. However, the levers in the lock are designed to be opened by both the unique key provided for each lock and a master key. In simple terms, a master key allows the holder of the key to gain access to any of the locks in the set.

Master key Lock Systems are found mostly in hotels and industrial settings. In most places where these locks are used, the management or owner of the facility has the master key, which is used in case of an emergency. In hotels, master keys (and keycards) are also used by maids and room keeping personnel to access rooms with one key, instead of carrying unique keys for each room. Master Keys are used to get access to a room or an entrance when the unique key for the lock is lost or in other cases of emergency.

Master key Locks in UAE can be acquired from the many renowned lock manufacturers and lock engineers in the Region. Listed on our website are some of the most trusted lock makers and suppliers of various locking devices like master key locks in UAE. Established in places like the SAIF Zone in Sharjah, these companies cater to the needs of clients in the UAE, the Middle East and across the globe.

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