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About Hinges

Door Hinge Distributors in Dubai

Door hinges are crucial for the smooth functioning of doors. In this list, you'll find the top distributors of door hinges in Dubai, UAE. These suppliers offer a variety of hinges from well-known brands such as Dormakaba, Hettich, Dorfit, Dorma, and Importa. Whether you need hinges for internal doors, strong heavy-duty hinges, hinges for external doors, sleek flush door hinges, hinges for toy boxes, or any other type, these suppliers have a wide range to meet your needs.

Guide to Different types of door hinges in Dubai

Door hinge imageDoor hinge typesDoor hinge feature
Butt hingesVersatile, sturdy hinges commonly used for doors and windows
Concealed hingesHidden when the door is closed, offering a seamless look
Lift Off hingesDoors or panels can be easily removed without disassembling the hinge itself
Parliament hingesExtended length that allows doors to open wider,
Tee hingesLong arms for stability, are commonly used on gates and shed doors
Piano hingeOffers uniform strength and support along their length
Butterfly hingeDecorative, wing-like shapes, are used primarily on lightweight doors
Case hingeSmall, durable hinges typically used on briefcases and small boxes
Flush hingeDesigned to fit flush against surfaces, requiring minimal door preparation
Side hingesSpecifically designed for side mounting, often used in applications like drop-leaf tables

Cabinet Hinges Wholesale Suppliers in Dubai, UAE

Cabinet hinges, essential for cabinet doors, are typically concealed, remaining invisible when the door is shut and offering a clean, seamless appearance. These hinges often come with a soft-close feature to prevent doors from slamming. Made from materials such as steel, brass, or nickel, they are built for durability and long-lasting use. In Dubai, UAE, some of the well-known brands for these hinges include Blum, Hettich, Salice, Hafele, and Grass.

Industrial Hinge Suppliers in UAE

Heavy-duty industrial hinges are great for things like big doors and cabinets. If you need these kinds of strong hinges in Dubai, reach out to the mentioned suppliers. They offer heavy-duty continuous hinges that attach along the whole length of a door, spreading the weight evenly. Source a wide range of mild steel door hinges, stainless steel door hinges, aluminium door hinges and brass hinges under top brands like ABUS, AQUA MIX, ARRONE, ARWA, BKS, Milano Cabinet Hinges and DORCAS that includes lift-off, butt, flag, weld-on and sprung hinges at an affordable price in Dubai.

Furniture Door Hinge Retailers in UAE

Listed with us are specialise in 3D concealed door hinges and offer various types of concealed door hinges in Dubai, which could be relevant for furniture applications. This platform allows you to search among resellers of cabinet hinges in the UAE. It provides access to catalogues, technical sheets and pricing information on a wide range of furniture component and hardware options. Htamba is the most popular furniture door hinge retailer offering high-quality door hardware online at reasonable prices.

Specialty Hinges Sales in Shops in Dubai

Speciality hinges are unique kinds of hinges used for home upgrades. They are specially made for tough tasks where regular hinges don't work well. These include Special-Purpose Hinges, like Concealed Hinges for a hidden look, Counter Flap Hinges and Pivot Sets that are easier on the door frame and Weld Hinges for extra strength and lasting use.

Brass Hinges Dealers in Dubai

Unique features of brass hinges include a classic and elegant look, often chosen for their decorative quality. Brass is resistant to corrosion, making these hinges suitable for environments prone to moisture. Brass hinges require minimal maintenance and can retain their appearance over time. They are suitable for various applications, including doors, cabinets, and antique furniture. Brass has natural antimicrobial properties, making these hinges a hygienic choice for applications like kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Yale, Blum and Dorma are the popular choice for brass hinges in Dubai, UAE.

Top 5 Door Hinge Shops Near You: Finding the Perfect Hinge Made Easy

Searching for the right door hinge can be a meticulous task, but it's crucial for the perfect operation and aesthetic of your doors. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, a professional carpenter or just in need of a quick fix at home, finding a reliable door hinge shop nearby is essential. We've compiled a list of the top 5 door hinge shops near you to ease your search.

Door Hinge Wholesalers near International City

Location: Best tool building material trading LLC, France cluster P12, International City | C&Z trading, Dragon mart, Section FB international city | Mohammed Akhtar General Trading LLC, France cluster, international city.
Speciality: Known for its extensive range of door hinges, including both residential and commercial options.
Why We Love It: Their knowledgeable staff offers personalized advice, ensuring you find the exact hinge for your project.

Door Hinge Shops near DIP

Location: Neki General Trading, DIP 2 | Homwork LLC Warehouse, DIP 1 | Corp trading warehouse, DIP 2.
Speciality: Offers a wide selection of door hinges from popular brands, perfect for various applications.
Why We Love It: They provide a blend of quality, variety, and affordability, along with helpful DIY tips.

Door Hinge Repair Shops nearby

Location: Eurospec and Dormakaba, Muhaisnah | Al Jamoom Hardware Trading, Qusais.
Speciality: Specializes in high-end and custom door hinges, ideal for unique or upscale projects.
Why We Love It: If you’re looking for something bespoke or luxurious, this is your go-to place.

Door Hinges Online Retailer with Local Pickup

Suppliers: Heritage Brass, ACE UAE
Speciality: Offers the convenience of online shopping with a wide array of choices, including the latest designs and technological innovations in door hinges.
Why We Love It: Perfect for those who prefer browsing online before making a purchase. The local pickup option adds convenience.

Finding the right door hinge is more than just about the swing; it's about the quality, durability, and the right fit for your door. The shops listed above offer the best in the area and cater to a wide range of needs and preferences. Remember to consider the type of door, the weight it needs to support, and the style that best suits your space when choosing a hinge. Happy hinge hunting!


Hinges are mechanical bearings that are used to connect two solid objects, allowing a small angle of rotation between them. The two objects that are connected by the hinge can rotate on a fixed axis of rotation to a certain angle on either side. Hinges can be made in two ways, by using flexible materials or by using moving parts. A hinge works the same way as any joint in the body does. These devices are commonly used to install access doors, windows, storage doors, desks and many other items. Though hinges are used for one purpose alone, to allow for objects to move while remaining attached, they come in many types, shapes, and sizes.

The main types of door hinges include spring, barrel, pivot, butt, case and concealed types. The spring type is loaded with a spring, which assists in opening and closing the hinge leaves. The spring in the device applies enough force to keep the door open or secure it when closed. The barrel type is made up of a sectional barrel that is secured by a pivot. These devices look like a barrel and are easy to install into a hole that is drilled into the two parts of the workpiece. This type is commonly used in gates and other applications that have a low load at the radius. Butt or the Mortise hinges are the most common type, used in doors, windows, cabinets and almost all furniture that uses hinges.

Hardware suppliers and outlets like carpentry product stores deal with all kinds of hinges in UAE. These products, though so small, are important in the production of a diverse range of finished goods. Apart from furniture and fittings, they are also used in cars, safes, office desks, and much more. Naif Road in Deira Dubai, Najda Street, and JAFZA are a few areas where suppliers that deal with hinges and its many types are prominent.

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