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Mortise Lock

A Mortise lock is a locking mechanism that is inserted into a pocket in the body a door. This type of door lock are found in older buildings, and upgrades of the device are used in commercial Spaces and upmarket residences today. However, today, most of these locks are used in a range of domestic settings. Though cylindrical locks are more preferred over mortise locks, these locks are ideal for use in homes, and in interior doors. These locks can be installed in wood, metal and glass doors with ease.

Mortise locks may comprise of a non-locking sprung latch that is controlled by a door handle. When the handle is pushed it releases the latch allowing the door to open. Locks with this non-locking latch module is called a sash lock. The simpler form of a mortise lock without a door handle and a latch is called a deal lock. The parts of a typical mortise lock include the lock body, which is installed in the body of the door, the lock trim, which comes in various shapes and sizes, a strike plate and the keyed cylinder. The key cylinder is the locking mechanism, which locks and unlocks the door with the turn of a key. However, in some of these locks, a lever locking system is installed in place of the cylinder lock mechanism. The lock trim comes in many types, including a range of shapes and designs of handles, knobs and levers.

The many door hardware stores, locksmiths and specialty lock outlets across the region deal with a range of locks like mortise locks in UAE. Listed with us are some of the biggest names in the lock making industry, with products that meet high global standards. These names have outlets and stores across the region, at places like SAIF Zone in Sharjah, UAE.

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