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Armoured Vehicles in UAE

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Armoured Vehicles
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Armoured Vehicles
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Armoured Vehicles
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Armoured VehiclesBulletproof Vehicles
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Armoured Vehicles
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Armoured Vehicles
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Armoured Vehicles
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Armoured Vehicles
About Armoured Vehicles

Armoured Vehicles in UAE

It is legal for civilians to own an armoured vehicle in the United Arab Emirates. Armoured vehicles provide safety and security against external threats like ballistics or explosive devices. Here is a list of armoured vehicle suppliers and dealers in the UAE. Armoured vehicles are for military, law enforcement, and other security forces for various purposes, such as transport, reconnaissance and combat. Armoured vehicles come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from small, lightly-armoured cars to large, heavily-armoured tanks.

Armoured SUV with advanced ballistic protection to withstand high-calibre firearms and explosive devices

Armoured SUV vehicles are common among government officials, law enforcement agencies, and private security firms for high-risk situations where personal safety is a top priority. One example of an armoured SUV with advanced ballistic protection is the Inkas Armored Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG. This vehicle withstands high-calibre firearms and explosive devices, with a ballistic protection level of up to CEN 1063 BR7. It features reinforced suspension, brakes, and other systems to handle the increased weight of the armour and can be custom-made with a range of interior and exterior features to suit the user's needs.

Another prominent Armoured SUV is the Gurkha Armored Tactical Vehicle by Terradyne Armored Vehicles. This vehicle provides advanced ballistic protection and has armouring options to withstand high-calibre firearms and explosive devices. There are many armoured SUV models with the listed armoured vehicle suppliers. The specific vehicle chosen will depend on the factors such as budget, terrain, and operational environment.

Armoured vehicle with a modular system configured for different missions

Several armoured vehicles with modular systems have configurations to suit different missions. Bulletproof armoured sedan with custom options provides solid protection against threats. They are simple and yet effective without driving any eyeball attention. The sedan and other basic car models can be custom armoured to defeat up to 7.62 calibre ammunition. Some of their customisation features include

Bullet-resistant windows and doors
Engine Bay, Battery and ECU protection
Runflat tyres
Protection for fuel tank
Underbody blast protection
Roof and trunk protection
suspension upgrades
Rear-proof bulkhead protection

An armoured car that is lightweight but has superior protection against ballistic threats

Luxury armoured vehicles like Mercedes Benz, Cadillac, Lexus, and Land Rover with bulletproof options with any colour and additional features are custom-made with the listed luxury armoured vehicle suppliers in UAE. They can accommodate additional features like

Complete passenger compartment protection for VIPs High-quality multi-layer bulletproof glass and windows Reinforced door hinges and other critical structure points Reinforced suspension Battery protection and electronic control module Fire suppression system Siren system with intercom Lightweight armouring package Heavy-duty brake system and components

Armoured riot control vehicles with non-lethal weapons can disperse crowds without causing harm

The TAK-4i-equipped Armored Rescue Vehicle (ARV) or armoured bus is a riot control vehicle designed for law enforcement and military applications. It features non-lethal weapons such as water cannons and pepper spray dispensers that help to disperse crowds without causing harm. It features a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) to broadcast warning messages to people and also a smoke generator to create a visual barrier between the vehicle and the crowd. A water cannon to throw tear gas for crowd dispersal.

Armoured vehicle with a hybrid engine to reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency

Armoured buses with hybrid engines reduce carbon emissions and increase fuel efficiency. They are ideal for long-distance travel. Armadillo armoured bus is a personnel carrier bus with a hybrid electric drive system. The family of eight-wheeled armoured buses operates in electric-only mode at low speeds.

Armoured car with a remote-controlled turret for increased situational awareness

Armoured cars are available with a feature of remote-controlled turrets for increased situational awareness. It features a remote-controlled turret with a 360-degree field view and weapon options, including machine guns and grenade launchers. The turret operates from within the vehicle or any remote location to increase situational awareness and flexibility. When choosing an armoured car with a remote-controlled turret, it is essential to consider the specific mission requirements and other factors such as budget, terrain, and operational environment.

Armoured riot control vehicle with advanced communication systems to coordinate with law enforcement agencies

Armoured riot control vehicles with advanced communication systems to coordinate with law enforcement agencies are available. It has advanced communication systems like radios, intercoms, and public address systems, to coordinate with law enforcement agencies and communicate with crowds.

Armoured cash in transit vehicle with an amphibious capability for use in water-based operations

Armoured cash-in-transit vehicles with a water feature to accommodate water-based operations during extreme long-distance travel. It can operate at high speed on land and water and carries up to 21 Marines. Some of the popular cash-in-transit vehicles include

Coin Trucker - to carry low payloads
Cash or Bullin Carriers - designed to carry high payloads

Some features include
Hands-free phone kits
In-built CCTV cameras
Interior and exterior lighting
Security door entry with biometric access
Secret loading and rear lift
Storage solutions
Panel sensors

Armoured car with a self-healing body that can repair itself after sustaining damage

Self-healing coatings or materials that can repair themselves when small cracks or damage happen. These self-healing coatings can be applied to armoured cars to improve their resilience against damage. For example, self-healing polyurethane coatings have been used to protect armoured vehicles from small arms fire, shrapnel, and other impacts.

Armoured pick-up and personnel carrier vehicles
Protected patrol vehicles for pick up and personnel carriers quipped with a high-level spec and contemporary and stylish interiors are available with the listed suppliers. They come with protection features like Higher battery capacity
Power outlets
High-mounted stop lights
Rear fog lamp
Painted bed liner
Front bumper winch pack
Roll lock cover
Mountain top or roller top
Tracking system
Gun port and roller bearing system

Armoured vehicle with a stealth capability for covert operations

Armoured vehicles with a stealth capability for undercover operations are available. Such armoured cars are difficult to detect by radar, infrared sensors, and other detection strategies. This armoured vehicle features a hybrid electric drive system and a low profile design to reduce its acoustic and thermal signatures, making it difficult to detect. It also has a modular design for missions like reconnaissance, surveillance, and special operations.

Armoured ambulance with a modular system for different medical missions

The armoured ambulance is designed using the latest technology with proven performance and flexibility. They are carefully customised by removing the ordinary glass and replacing it with high-quality double-walled ballistic glass doors. The opaque doors are changed to hardened ballistic steel. Additional areas like the fuel tank, battery and computer module are armoured with a high-grade run-flat system. They come with features like

Ambulance marks
Rear roof spotlight
Illuminated ambulance signboards
Magnetic searchlight with extension
Oxygen resuscitator set
Spare oxygen cylinder
Portable electric suction pump First aid kit
Red cross marks and red crescent marks
Patient seating

The production of armored vehicles in the UAE is a common safety measure. These armored vehicles may be personal, corporate or government owned. Armored vehicles in UAE range from luxury sedans and pick-up trucks to troop carriers and cash transit vehicles. Fortified estates and top of the line security keep the rich and royal safe at home. However, they are at their most vulnerable during transit; this is where automotive security companies come into play.

Companies that deal with armored vehicles in UAE come under a premium class of business initiative. They build and customize cars to suit their customer’s criteria, improving the vehicle’s strength and tolerance against firepower. Vehicle armoring is not just making a car bulletproof; there are various levels of armor used for various threat and risk levels. Companies that deal with armored vehicles in UAE are equipped with hi-tech products that are screened and tested. They make vehicles resistant to pistols, magnums, automatics, 50 caliber bullets and even explosives. Their customers range from army and private security contracts to private sedans and luxury armoring.

Armored vehicles in UAE include light armored sedans, armored SUVs, cash transit vehicles, personnel carriers, armored luxury cars, armored busses, armored trucks and pick-up trucks. Most private armored cars look like normal sedans, SUVs or luxury cars. The armoring techniques are discrete with minimal or no room for error. Bulletproof glass, armor steel lining and reinforced framework, chassis and roll cages give the car proper protection. Additional measures are taken to stabilize pressure within the cabin of the vehicle. Armoured vehicles are bulletproof vehicles specially designed for civilians. They are used for security concerns and listed are as the leading armoured vehicle dealers and suppliers in UAE. They customise all the luxury-branded vehicles into armoured vehicles. Every armoured vehicle comes with a unique and different interior design as per the use and requirement. They offer a complete vehicle armouring solution right from the designing and engineering process. They eliminate the potential weakness of the vehicle.

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