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3M is a well known brand with a wide range of innovative products. 3M produces a variety of office products to help with tasks such as organizing, decorating, and creating usable workspace. They supply abrasives, adhesives, sealants, window films, medical products like surgical tapes, wound care products and dressing materials.

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3M Adhesives and Glues | 3M Safety Equipment and Clothing | ABB Electrical Equipment and Supplies | ABB Electrical Materials | ACRON Paints and Painting Equipments | ADMORE Electrical Equipment and Supplies | ADNOC Lubricants | AFFICO Adhesive Tapes | AFICO Fiberglass Insulation Materials | AL BUSTAN Adhesives | AL BUSTAN Adhesives and Glues | AL FANAR Cable and Wires | AL RAYAN Fire Fighting Equipment | ALUBRIGHT Cleaning Products | ALU BRIGHT Coil Cleaners | AMBERSIL Chemicals and Chemical Products | AQUA Chemicals and Chemical Products | AQUA Swimming Pool Equipment | ARISTON Electrical Materials | ARISTON Water Heaters | ARMSTRONG Safety Equipment and Clothing | ASIAN PAINTS Paints | ASMACO Hardware | ASMACO Hardware Materials | ATLAS Plumbing Materials | ATLAS PVC Pipes | ATLAS COPCO Spare Parts | BARTON Cable Management Systems | BARTON Conduit and Conduit Fittings | BARTON Electrical Equipment and Supplies | BARTON Electrical Materials | BERGER Paints | BEST CHOICE Packaging Materials | BIS Pipes and Pipe Fittings | BISON KIT Adhesives and Glues | BLACK BELT Belts Automotive and Industrial | BOSCH Power Tools | BOSCH Tools | BOSSIL Adhesive Tapes | BRITON Air Conditioning Parts | BRITON Door Closer | BRITON Hardware | BROOER Ceilings and Partitions | BROOR Ceilings and Partitions | CANDAN Welding Equipment and Supplies | CARAVAN Cable Gland and Lugs | CARRIER AC Materials | CARRIER Air Conditioner | CAVIL Sanitary Ware | CELINE Adhesives and Glues | CLARKE Hand Tools | COOPERWELD Welding Equipment and Supplies | COPPER KABLO Cable and Wires | COSMOPLAST Pipes and Pipe Fittings | COSMOPLAST Plumbing Materials | CRANE AC Materials | CRANE Air Conditioning Parts | CRC Cleaning Chemicals | DAVIS Electrical Equipment and Supplies | DD Electrical Conduit and Fittings | DECODUCT Electrical Equipment and Supplies | DECODUCT Electrical Materials | DENFOS Tools | DENFOSS Tools | DENZEL Hand Tools | DEWALT Tools | DORMER Drill Bits | DORMER Tools | DOWSIL Adhesives and Glues | DOWSIL Sealants | DR FIXIT Metal Roof Water Proofing | DUCAB Electrical Equipment and Supplies | DUCAB Electrical Materials | DUCAST Manhole Covers | DUPRO Electrical Equipment and Supplies | DURACELL Batteries | DURACELL Battery | EMIRATES Cement | ENERGIZER Batteries | ENERGIZER Battery | ENFIX Cable Gland and Lugs | ERA Plumbing Materials | ESNCO Led Lighting | ESNCO Lighting Systems | EURO Electric Motors | GAZELLE Hand Tools | GAZELLE Ladders | GEEPAS Tools | GEWISS Electrical Equipment and Supplies | GEWISS Electrical Materials | GIFFEX Electrical Accessories | GIFFEX Electrical Equipment and Supplies | GODREJ Hardware | GODREJ Hardware Materials | GOWEL Electrical Equipment and Supplies | GROHE Plumbing Materials | GYPLYNE Gypsum and Gypsum Products | GYPSEMLINE Gypsum and Gypsum Products | HAGER Electrical Switchgear | HARRIS Paints | HEECO Joinery | HIOKI Measuring and Testing Instruments | HONEYWELL Air Conditioning Parts | HYDROMAX Pipes and Pipe Fittings | INTERPLAST Plumbing Materials | JEMI Kitchen and Hotel Equipment | JOTUN Painting Materials | JOTUN PAINTS Paints and Painting Equipments | JUPITER Fasteners | KARCHER Water Pumps | KIMMCO Insulation Material | KISWEL Welding Equipment and Supplies | KLUDI Sanitary Ware | KNAUF Ceiling & Partition | KNAUF Ceilings | KNAUF Ceilings and Partitions | KNAUF Partitions | KUWES Welding Equipment and Supplies | LEDVANCE Electrical Equipment and Supplies | LEDVANCE Electrical Materials | LEDVANCE L E D Lighting | LEGRAND Electrical Equipment and Supplies | LEGRAND Electrical Materials | MAFRON Air Conditioning Parts | MAKITA Power Tools & Accessories | MAKITA Power Tools and Accessories | MAKITA Tools | MAP Air Conditioning Parts | MAPEI Adhesives and Glues | MAPEI Civil Materials | MAS PAINTS Paints | MAXRON Air Conditioning Parts | MILANO Building Materials | MILANO Hardware Materials | MILANO Sanitary Ware | MK Electrical Equipment and Supplies | MK Electrical Materials | MODI Led Lightings | MODI Lighting Fixtures | MR. BRIGHT Cleaning Products | MTX Hand Tools | NAFFCO Fire Fighting Equipment | NAFFCO Safety Equipment and Clothing | NARKEN Electrical Equipment and Supplies | NATIONAL Painting Materials | NATIONAL PAINT Paints and Painting Equipments | NIKAI Air Conditioning Parts | NOVEX Electrical Equipment and Supplies | NOVEX LED Lamps | NOVEX Lighting Systems | NOVEX Sanitary Ware | O GENERAL AC Materials | O GENERAL Air Conditioning Parts | OSRAM Electrical Materials | OSRAM Lighting Fixtures | PALISAD Gardening Tools | PALISAD Plumbing Materials | PATTA Fasteners | PATTA Screws | PATTEX Adhesives and Glues | PATTEX Adhesives Sealants | PEGLER AC Materials | PEGLER Air Conditioning Parts | PEGLER Valves | PHILIPS Electrical Equipment and Supplies | PHILIPS Electrical Materials | PITBULL Safety Shoes | PIX V Belts | PIX BELT Belts Automotive and Industrial | RAK Sanitary Ware | RAK Tiles | RAK CERAMICS Civil Materials | RAK CERAMICS Sanitary Ware | RAKCE RAMICS Sanitary Ware | REFRON Air Conditioning Parts | REFRON Refrigerant Gases | RELITE Electrical Equipment and Supplies | RELITE Switches | RICHI Electrical Equipment and Supplies | RR Electrical Equipment and Supplies | RUBY Hand Tools | SALFLEX Electrical Equipment and Supplies | SANWA Sanitary Ware | SCHNEIDER Electrical Equipment and Supplies | SCHNEIDER Electrical Materials | SCHNEIDER Electric Products | SCOLEMORE Lighting Fixtures | SELEX Electrical Traders | SELEX Lighting Fixtures | SELPRO Hand Tools | SICHER Electrical Equipment and Supplies | SICHER Electric Equipment | SIEMENS Electrical Equipment and Supplies | SOLITE Batteries | SOLITE BATTERIES Hardware Materials | SOLITE BATTERY Battery | SPARTA Hand Tools | STANLEY Hand Tools | STANLEY Tools | SUNDEX Plumbing Materials | SUPER GENERAL AC Materials | SUPER GENERAL Air Conditioners | SUPER GENERAL Air Conditioning Parts | SWEDCUT Blades | SWEDCUT Hand Tools | TACCTO Hand Tools | TAPARIA Hand Tools | TAPARIA Power Tools | TAPARIA Tools | TECNALCO Air Conditioning Parts | TERRACO Construction Chemicals | TERRACO Paints and Painting Equipments | T MECH Ppr Pipes | TOWER Abrasive | TRIDONIC Sensors | TRUST Silicone | TUF-FIX Fasteners | UKEN Paints and Painting Equipments | UKEN Tools | ULTRATECH Cement | UNICEM Building Materials | URANUS Fire Fighting Equipment | URTY Hand Tools | VAULTEX Hardware Materials | VAULTEX Safety Equipment and Clothing | VAULTEX Safety Items | VETO Electrical Equipment and Supplies | VETO LED Lighting | VICTOR Tools | VINI TAPE Adhesives | VINI TAPE Adhesive Tapes | VTC Fasteners | WEBBER Civil Materials | WEBER Construction Chemicals | WEBER Sealants | WELLO Power Tools | WESTRON Air Conditioning Parts | WESTRON Refrigerant Gases | WORKLAND Safety Equipment and Clothing | WORKMASTER Safety Equipment and Clothing | WURTH Power Tools | YALE Hardware | YALE Hardware Materials | YALE Locks | ZIESAR Sanitary Ware |Read More...
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3M Abrasives | 3M Adhesives | 3M Tapes | ABAC Air Compressor | ABB Circuit Breakers | ATLAS COPCO Air Compressor | BAHCO Pneumatic Tools | BW HONEYWELL Gas Detectors | CABLE DRUM Cable Drum and Jack | COMPAC Garage Equipment | DAISHIN HONDA Generators | DUCAB Cables | ELEMAX HONDA Generators | ESAB Welding Machine | EUROBOOR Magnetic Drilling Machine | FIAC Air Compressor | FINDER Relays | FLUKE Testing and Measuring Instruments | FORCE Hand Tools | FUJI DELUXE Generators | FUJI YANMAR Generators | GENIE Aerial Work Platforms and Personnel Lifts | GENTLIN Air Compressor | HELVI ITALY Welding Machine | HIOKI Testing and Measuring Instruments | HONDA Generators | HONDA Water Pumps | INVERTEK VFD | KARCHER Pressure Washers | KHERAJ Sirens | KLINGSPOR GERMANY Abrasives | LINCOLN Welding Machine | MACSTROC Magnetic Drilling Machine | MAGLITE Rechargeable Flashlight | MAGTRON Magnetic Drilling Machine | MAK Generators | MAKITA Power Tools | MEGA Hydraulic Equipment | MICHELIN Pressure Washers | MILLER Welding Machine | MOEL Insect Killers | MOVE IT HOLLAND Lifting Magnet | NEMA Pressure Vessels | NITON XRF Analyzers | OMRON Timers | ORION Jewellery Welding Machine | PRESTAR Platform Trolleys | SCHNEIDER Circuit Breakers | STANLEY Pressure Washers | SUMO JAPAN Platform Trolleys | SUPERASIA Industrial Fans | SYMPHONY Evaporative Air Coolers | TELWIN Welding Machine | VAREM Pressure Vessels | VICTOR Welding and Cutting Equipment | VILEDA Cleaning Products | VIRUTEX Wood Working Machinery and Equipment | WATES Pressure Tanks |Read More...
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3M Double side Tapes | 3M Spray Glue | 3M Stainless Steel SS Polish | 3M Wall Hooks | ALDEN Water Pumps | AQUASYSTEM Pressure Tanks | ARISTON Water Heaters | ATLAS PVC Pipes and Fittings | BELMONT Abrasive Papers | BELMONT Flap Disc | BELMONT Sanding Disc | BELMONT Velcro Disc | BERGER Paints | BISON KIT Contact Adhesive | BORAL Gypsum Products | BORAL Plaster Boards | CAVIL Sanitary and Lightings | CONMIX Construction Materials | CONMIX Tile Glue | DECOMART Paints Equipment & Rollers | DEWALT Drilling Machines | DEWALT Hammers | DEWALT Industrial Power Tools and Accessories | DEWALT Pliers | DORMA Door Hardware and Controls | DUCAB Electrical Cables | ESPA PUMPS Pumps | EVERHOT Water Heaters | FEVICOL Adhesive Glue | FINOLEX Auto & Battery Cables | GAZELLE Abrasives and Cutting Tools | GEEPAS Power Tools and Accessories | GROHE Ankle Valves | GROHE Bathroom Accessories | GROHE Shower Mixer | GROHE Sink Mixer | GRUNDFOS Advance Water Pump and Accessories | HENKEL Adhesives | HENKEL Bitumen | HENKEL Glue | HENKEL Waterproofing | JOTUN Decorative Paints | JOTUN Epoxy Coating | KDK Electrical Accessories | KDK Exhaust Fans | KLUDI RAK Sanitary Fittings | LATICRETE Adhesives | LATICRETE Grouts | LEGRAND Switches, Sockets and Accessories | LIBERTY Body Filler | LITEX Lighting Fixtures and Accessories | LPS MRO Chemicals | LUCUS Drill Bits | MAKITA Cables | MAKITA Drilling Machines | MAKITA Hammers | MAKITA Power Tools | MAKITA Screws | MAPEI Adhesives | MAPEI Grouts | MAPEI Tile Adhesives | MATRIX Abrasives | MILANO Ankle Valves | MILANO Bath fittings | MILANO Shower Mixer | MILANO Sink Mixer | MK Switches and Accessories | MK HONEYWELL Switches | NATIONAL PAINTS Paints | NEMA Pressure Vessels | NOVEX Electrical Switches | OMAN CABLES Cables | OSRAM Lights | PEGLER Sanitary Fittings | PEX Brass Gate Valves | PEX Sanitary Wares | PHILIPS Lights | RAK CERAMICS Bathroom Fittings | RAK CERAMICS Tiles | RAKTHERM PPR Pipes | RR KABEL Armoured Cables | SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC DBS | SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC ELCB | SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Electrical Equipment | SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Electrical Switchgear | SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC MCB | STANLEY Hand Tools | STANLEY Industrial Power Tools | STAR Pumps and Pipes | TERRACO Gypsum Products | T-MEC PPR Pipes | TOUPRET Waterproof and Chemicals | TREDEX Sanitary Fittings | UNIWELD AC Spare Parts | UNIWELD Air Conditioners | UNIWELD Refrigeration Equipment and Spare Parts | VAULTEX Gloves | VAULTEX Safety Equipment | VAULTEX Safety Items | VAULTEX Shoes | WACKER Expert Sealant Technology | WD40 Multipurpose Lubricant | WEBER Construction Chemicals | WEBER Tile Adhesive and Grouts |Read More...
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3M Electrical Equipment and Supplies | ABB Cables and Wires | ABB Electrical Switchgear | AL FANAR Cables and Wires | AL FANAR Electrical Equipment and Supplies | ALLEN BRADLEY Electrical Equipment and Supplies | ALLEN BRADLEY Industrial Automation | AUTONICS Industrial Automation | AXIS Cable Gland and Lugs | BELDON Electrical Equipment and Supplies | BG ELECTRICAL Electrical Equipment and Supplies | BTICINO Home Automation | CETIS Home and Household Appliances | CFO Tiles | CLIPSAL C Bus | CLIPSAL C Bus Accessories | CLIPSAL Switches | CLIPSAL Switches and Sockets | CLIPSAL Wiring Accessories | DELTA Industrial Automation | D-LINK Cables and Wires | DORMAN SMITH Electrical Switchgear | DUCAB Cables and Wires | EATON Switches and Sockets | EMERSON BY ROCKWELL Actuators | EMERSON BY ROCKWELL Flow Meters | EMERSON BY ROCKWELL Oilfield Industrial Butterfly Valves | ENDRESS + HAUSER Industrial Automation | ENDRESS HAUSER Oilfield Equipment | ESPANIA Water Pumps | ETI Electrical Equipment and Supplies | FESTO Industrial Automation | FINDER Industrial Automation | FRANKLIN ELECTRIC Water Pumps | FUMAGALLI LED Lights | GEWISS Electrical Equipment and Supplies | GM Electrical Equipment and Supplies | HAGER Electrical Equipment and Supplies | HENSEL Electrical Equipment and Supplies | HENSEL IP Protected Weather Proof Boxes | HENSEL ELECTRIC Weather Proof Boxes | HENSEL ELECTRIC Weather Proof Cover IP66 | HIMEL Electrical Switchgear | IFM Industrial Automation | IFM SENSORS AND CONTROLLERS PLC Scada | IFM SENSORS AND CONTROLLERS Sensors And Controllers | IGLOO Home Automation | ITALINA Tiles | LEGRAND Cables and Wires | LEGRAND Electrical Switchgear | LEGRAND Wiring Accessories | LEUZE ELECTRONIC Electrical Equipment and Supplies | LOVATO ELECTRIC Battery Chargers | LOVATO ELECTRIC Electrical Equipment and Supplies | LOVATO ELECTRIC Low Voltage Switchgear and Accessories | MEAN WELL Industrial Automation | MENNEKES Electrical Equipment and Supplies | MERLIN GERIN ACB | MERLIN GERIN Low Voltage Switchgear | MERLIN GERIN Low Voltage Switchgears | MERLIN GERIN MCCB | MERLIN GERIN Relays | MERTREN KNX | MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Industrial Automation | MVAVA Home Automation | NEXA Building Materials | NEXA Curtains, Sofa, Carpets and Rugs | NEXA Furniture Fittings | NEXA Lighting Fixtures | NEXA Perfumes | OBO Electrical Equipment and Supplies | OBO BETTERMANN Electrical Equipment and Supplies | OMAN CABLE Cables and Wires | OMRON Industrial Automation | ORANGE ELECTRIC Cables and Wires | ORANGE ELECTRIC Electrical Equipment and Supplies | OSRAM Lighting Fixtures | PASS AND SEYMOUR Cable Accessories | PCE Switches and Sockets | PERRY Electrical Equipment and Supplies | PHOENIX CONTACT Electrical Switchgear | PILZ Industrial Automation | ROXTEC Electrical Equipment and Supplies | ROXTEC Oilfield Equipment and Supplies | RR KABEL Cable and Wires | SCAME Electrical Equipment and Supplies | SCAME Electrical Switchgear | SCHMERSAL Electrical Equipment and Supplies | SCHNEIDER Electrical Equipment and Supplies | SCHNEIDER Electric Products | SCHNEIDER Home Automation | SCHNEIDER KNX | SCHNEIDER Oilfield Equipment and Supplies | SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Electrical Equipment and Supplies | SEDAR Carpets, Curtains and Rug Cleaning | SELEC Electrical Switchgear | SICK Encoders | SICK Industrial Automation | SICK Proximity Sensors | SICK Relays and Sensors | SICK Sensors | SIEMENS Electrical Switchgear | SIEMENS Industrial Automation | SIEMENS PLC Programming Sensors | SOCOMEC Switches and Sockets | SQUARE D Breakers | SQUARE D Contactors | SQUARE D Low Voltage Switchgear | TE CONNECTIVITY Cable Accessories | THEBEN Home Automation | TSURUMI PUMP Submersible Pumps | TSURUMI PUMP Water Pumps | WAGO Electrical Switchgear | WAGO CONNECTORS Cable Connectors | WEID MULLER Industrial Automation |Read More...
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About 3M

3M in UAE

3M products are globally well known for their innovative solutions in the industrial divisions like commercial and automotive, telecommunications, electronics, consumer products, health care industry, manufacturing industry, safety equipments, transportation, construction and solar energy industry. 3M safety products like safety clothing of face, head, hand, foot, fall protection, respiratory, nose, safety vesta and many more safety coveralls. They are established as quality product suppliers for commercial industry and consumer markets. 3M film dressing, 3M pivoting clipper, 3M biological indicator, 3M antimicrobial surgical tape are some of their healthcare industry products. 3M has wide range of quality product collections in industrial categories like abrasives, casting and splinting, office supplies. Here we have a list of dealers who deal with 3M abrasives, 3M cable joints, 3M electrical products, 3M safety equipment, 3M stationary materials, 3M computer network systems and fire protection.

Innovation is the pinnacle for any product in the market. 3M is one such brand who bagged the highest innovation award in The National Media OF Technology. Their products are best suitable to meet the day today activities. They deal with adhesives, abrasives, consumer electronic components and many more. Some of their consumer products in the safety equipments include respiratory protection products like disposable and reusable respirators, healthcare nose mask, specialty mask, powered air respirators to control the industrial dust pollution, welding fumes. 3M Vflex is best suitable for industrial working environment to protect the utility workers from hazard causing particles. 3M Hearing protection equipments are designed not only considering the safety of the worker but also designed to provide comfort and ease. They have high quality range of ear muffs and reusable ear plugs like banded 3M Ear fit. There are two way headsets which serves the need of communication and ear protection. 3M detection instruments are used to monitor, measure, evaluate and locate the hazard in the occupational environment. noise, heat stress and air monitors are some of their products. 3M Virtua, 3M 2820, 3M Qx are some of the eye protective goggles to prevent the eyes from industrial hazard. 3M peltor and 3M Hard Hat series are the head and face protecting products. High quality coveralls to protect the whole body from harmful chemical substance are some of their personal protective equipments. Fall protection equipments like harnesses, lanyards and lifelines, anchors and positioning equipments are the most dependable products from 3M.

3M offers a wide range of abrasives for the marine industry. Some of the products include abrasives disc and sheets, cut off wheels, back-up pads, grinding discs, Scotch brite conditioning discs, tools and accessories, sponges and wet sanding, fibre belts and discs, flexible abrasives and paint finishing abrasives. General purpose hooks and commercial hooks are the most perfect hanging solutions that 3M has introduced. 3M command clear variety kit, 3M command general purpose variety kit, 3m command large canvas hanger are some of their products. Office equipment like tapes and post-it are the widely used 3M products. They are available as double sided tape, clear tape, transparent tape, gift wrap, heavy duty, specialty tape, classic tape etc. 3M Scotch magic tape is the most popular brand for glue, tapes, tape dispensers. 3M car graphics are the best solution for effective advertising for companies and their brands. 3M Graphic Films serve the purpose of achieving long lasting vehicle graphics.

3m brand tape3M TM Half Facepiece Respirators3m thermal bonding film

3M Structured Cabling Suppliers in UAE

3M organization better known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company is a top market leader when it comes to structured cabling systems. These structured cabling systems are designed for telecommunication network applications. Some of the types of structured cablings systems supplied by 3M structured cabling suppliers in UAE are fiber optic cables and copper cabling solutions. These cables has a wide market and build to provide high speed data transmissions over long distances as well as reliable performance. Some of the types of cables that comes under fiber optic and copper cabling categories are connectors, fiber optic cables, splice enclosures, copper cabling systems like Cat 5e, Cat 6, and Cat 6a cables and more.

3M Copper Cabling Solutions:

The 3M copper cabling solutions manufactured and supplies wide range of copper cabling products designed to networking environment solutions. These products include Cat 5e, Cat 6, and Cat 6a cables that offers reliable performance and high speed data transmission.

  • Cat 5e Cables:These cables are suitable for ethernet network applications and enhanced performance. These supplied by 3M structured cabling suppliers in UAE supports data up to 1 GB over 100 meters distance. These cables are designed with twisted pair construction to reduce electromagnetic interference as well Solid or Stranded Conductors, flexibility and meets TIA/EIA-568-B.2 and ISO/IEC 11801 standards.
  • Cat 6 cables: In comparison with Cat 5e cables, these cables support 10 GB data over long distance. These cables has large wide applications like streaming media, video conferencing, and data center networking, provide superior performance and minimal signal degradation, advanced twisting features to avoid EMI and cross talk and are compatible.
  • Cat 6A cables: These cables are the latest trend in copper cabling technologies as these cables provides high performance than Cat 6 cables. These cables comes with augmented design features, protective shielding, future-proofing technologies for network requirements, and long-term protection. These cables meet TIA/EIA-568-C.2 and ISO/IEC 11801 industrial standards.

3M Fiber Optic Solutions:

3M fiber optic solutions provide high quality fiber optic cable products designed for modern telecommunications network applications. They provide 2 types of fiber optic cables i.e. single-mode and multi-mode.

  • Single mode fiber optic cable: These cables transmit data over large distances without any signal loss. These cable offer low attenuation features i.e. high speed transmission of data at a larger distance, high bandwidth capabilities, advanced connectivity features to all single-mode fiber optic connectors, adapters, and splice closures.
  • Multi-mode fiber optic cables: These cables are shorter-distance transmissions optimized cables in residential buildings, call centers. These cables provide Cost-Effective Connectivity features that makes a popular choice LANs, high data rates which are widely applicable for gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and high-definition video streaming applications, flexibility, seamless connectivity and easy integration.

3M Computer Network Solutions Suppliers in UAE

3M is a market leader of computer network solutions, they provide wide range of products and services to support network issues and their cabling and connectivity encompass various technologies and solutions tailored to meet the demands of today's networks. Some of the products and services provided by 3M Computer Network Solutions Suppliers in UAE for computer networking solutions are structured cabling systems like copper and fiber optic cable solutions, connectivity solutions like modular jacks, keystone modules, couplers, adapters, and other connectivity accessories for easy installation, termination, and maintenance of network connections.

3M technologies has played a vital role in shaping the development of shielding, absorbing, grounding products for the mobile handheld devices performance. Some of the latest technologies adopted by Transparent Antennas, Thermally Conductive mm Wave Absorbers and External PIM

  • Transparent Antennas: These devices offer ubiquitous connectivity networks required 5G networks, for in-building high-end venues or outdoor locations.  3M has designed their latest technology for touch-screen sensors to provide a low-resistivity as well 3M transparent solution for use in creating transparent antennas.
  • Thermally Conductive mmWave Absorbers: These technologies are designed for controlling mmWave EMI in devices, high thermal conductivity path to eradicate heat in devices. This devices are applicable in mmWave antennas, repeaters, and radar systems as well Optical Transceivers products that utilize mmWave signals to support 4G/5G core.
  • External PIM: With the latest 5G technologies, wireless experience future generation and connectivity, the reduction of signal interference is compulsory. 3M has established latest EMI solutions in electronics that minimizes noises throughout 5G infrastructure.

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