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Philips in UAE

Dubai Festival CityDubai, UAE 2798
Brands: 3COM Computer Network Systems | ACTIVISION Computer Systems and Equipment | ACTIVISION Information Technology Products | AFTRON Air Conditioning Equipment and Systems | AFTRON Electronic Equipment and Appliances | ALCATEL Cellular Phones and Accessories | ANYCOM Computer Accessories | ARGOSY Information Technology Products | ATI Information Technology Products | AVEC Home Appliances | BABYLISS Hair Care Products | BELKIN Computer Accessories | BELKIN Information Technology Products | BENETTON Communication Equipment and Systems | BENETTON Photographic Equipment | BLACK and DECKER Appliances - Domestic | BLIZZARD Information Technology Products | BODY GLOVE Communication Equipment and Systems | BODY GLOVE Photographic Products | BOEDER Information Technology Products | BOSCH Appliances - Domestic | BOSE Hi-Fi Products | BOSE Speakers | BPL Appliances - Domestic | BRAUN Appliances - Domestic | BRITANICA Information Technology Products | CANON Photographic Equipment | CARDSCAN Information Technology Products | CASE LOGIC Communication Equipment and Systems | CASE LOGIC Information Technology Products | CASE LOGIC Photographic Products | CASIO Computer Systems and Equipment | CASIO Photographic Equipment | CD STOMPER Information Technology Products | CENIX Information Technology Products | COLLINS Information Technology Products | COREL Computer Systems and Equipment | CREATION Information Technology Products | CURTIS Home Appliances | CYBERBOY Information Technology Products | DATAMAX Information Technology Products | DAZZLE Information Technology Products | DEFINITIVE Audio and Video Equipment | DENON Audio and Video Equipment | DICOTA Computer Accessories | DISCWASHER Information Technology Products | DREAMCAST Information Technology Products | DSTAR Audio and Video Equipment | DURACELL Batteries | EDNET Computer Accessories | ELECTRONIC ARTS Computer Accessories | ELECTRONIC ARTS Computer Systems and Equipment | ELEKTA Electronic Equipment and Appliances | ELEKTA Home Appliances | ENERGIZER Batteries | EVEREADY Batteries | FISHER-PRICE Toys | FRANKLIN Information Technology Products | FUJI Photographic Equipment | FUJITSU Computer Systems and Equipment | GAME BOY Video Games | GAME GEAR Video Games | GENERAL ELECTRIC Home Appliances | GRUNDIG Electronic Equipment and Appliances | GRUNDIG Satellite Receiving Equipment | HAND SPRING Information Technology Products | HARMAN KARDON Audio and Video Equipment | HAUPPAUGE Information Technology Products | HERCULES Information Technology Products | HIVISION Sound Systems and Equipment | HOOVER Home Appliances | HOT POINT Home Appliances | INFINITY Sound Systems and Equipment | INNOVA Home Appliances | IRIVER Information Technology Products | JAMO Audio-Visual Equipment | JBL Audio and Video Equipment | JUMPSTART Information Technology Products | KATEI Audio-Visual Equipment | KINGSTON Information Technology Products | KISS Audio and Video Equipment | KODAK Photographic Equipment | KONUS Home Appliances | LABTEC Multimedia Products | LACIE Information Technology Products | LEXAR MEDIA Information Technology Products | LEXMARK Computer Accessories | LG Electronic Equipment and Appliances | LG Home Appliances | LITEON Computer Accessories | LITEON Computer Systems and Equipment | LOEWE Home Appliances | MAGELLAN Communication Equipment and Systems | MAGELLAN Photographic Products | MAGPIX Communication Equipment and Systems | MARANTZ Hi-Fi Products | MAXELL Batteries | MAXIMIZER Audio and Video Equipment | MCAFEE Information Technology Products | MEMOREX Information Technology Products | MERLIN Information Technology Products | MINOLTA Photographic Equipment | MONSTER Cable Accessory | MONSTER Cable and Wire | MORDAUNT SHAUT Audio and Video Equipment | MOSER Sound Systems and Equipment | MOTOROLA Cellular Phones and Accessories | MOULINEX Home Appliances | MP MAN Information Technology Products | MUSIC STATION KARAOKE Audio and Video Equipment | NAD Hi-Fi Products | NAKAMICHI Audio and Video Equipment | NAPRO Electronic Equipment and Appliances | NATIONAL Electronic Equipment and Appliances | NATIONAL Home Appliances | NEC Computer - Desktops and Notebooks | NINTENDO Video Games | NOVA Computer Accessories | ONIDA Electronic Equipment and Appliances | ONKYO Audio and Video Equipment | OREGON SCEINTIFIC Electronic Equipment and Appliances | OREGON SCIENTFIC Electronic Equipment and Appliances | PANATECH Communication Equipment and Systems | PANATECH Photographic Equipment | PENTAX Photographic Equipment | PETRA Home Appliances | PHILIPS Audio and Video Equipment | PIONEER Audio and Video Equipment | PLANTRONICS Information Technology Products | PLAYSTATION Computer Software | PLAYSTATION Video Games | QTEK Communication Equipment and Systems | QTEK Photographic Equipment | QUICKEN Computer Accessories | QUICKEN Computer Systems and Equipment | ROWENTA Electronic Equipment and Appliances | RUSSELL HOBBS Home Appliances | SAMSUNG Electronic Equipment and Appliances | SANSUI Hi-Fi Products | SEGA Video Games | SENNHEISER Headphones | SENNHEISER Microphones | SIEMENS Cellular Phones and Accessories | SIMPLE TECH Computer Storage | SMART DISK Computer Storage | SYMANTEC Computer Software | TARGUS Information Technology Products | TAURUS Home Appliances | TECHNICS Electronic Equipment and Appliances | TECHNOSAT Sound Systems and Equipment | TECOM Communication Equipment and Systems | TECOM Photographic Products | TEFAL Household and Kitchen Equipment | THOMSON Audio and Video Equipment | TRAVELSCAN Computer Accessories | TRUST Information Technology Products | US ROBOTICS Communication Equipment and Systems | VELBON Communication Equipment and Systems | VELBON Photographic Products | VERBATIM Computer Media Products | VIEWSONIC Computer Accessories | VISIONEER Information Technology Products | VISOR Information Technology Products | VOICE BANK Information Technology Products | WHIRLPOOL Appliances - Domestic | XBOX Information Technology Products | XIRCOM Information Technology Products | YAMAHA Audio and Video Equipment | YASHICA Photographic Equipment |
215/7B, Umm RamoolDubai, UAE 778
Brands: ADOLFO ALBA Lighting and Lighting Controls | AHEAD Low Voltage Switchgear | ALMONARD Industrial Fans and Ventilation Sytsem | A LP LIGHTING COMPONENTS INC Lighting and Lighting Controls | BAJAJ Fans - Industrial and Commercial | BELDEN Cable and Wire | BRITS-TIE Cable Ties | BRITS TIE UK Cable Management System | CARAVAN Cable Management System | CARIBONI Lighting System | CELLPACK ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS Cable Management System | CHALMIT Lighting and Lighting Controls | CHIYODA Lamps and Lighting Components | COPPER PLUS Wire Products | DECODUCT CABLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Cable Management System | DELAB Low Voltage Switchgear | DELIXI Low Voltage Switchgear | DF ELECTRIC Low Voltage Switchgear | DOMINO LIGHTING Lighting and Lighting Controls | EATON MEM Low Voltage Switchgear | EATON MEM Wiring Accessories | EFEN Low Voltage Switchgear | Electtrico Wiring Accessories | ELETTRICO ILLUMINAZIONE Lighting and Lighting Controls | ELETTRICO ILLUMINAZIONE Wiring Accessories | EVERNAL Fans - Exhaust | FIVEPLITE Lighting and Lighting Controls | FULHAM Lamps and Lighting Components | GENERAL CAVI Communication Cables and Wires | GERSAN Cable Management System | HAGER or TEHALIT Cable Management System | HAVELLS POWERING LIVES Low Voltage Switchgear | HAWKE INTERNATIONAL Cable Management System | HESS Communication Cables and Wires | ICAR TECHNOLOGY LOOKING Low Voltage Switchgear | INNOWARE BY TEKNOWARE Emergency Lights | INNOWARE BY TEKNOWARE Lighting and Lighting Controls | JANITZA ELECTRONIC Low Voltage Switchgear | JEAN MULLER Low Voltage Switchgear | JEDDAH CABLES COMPANY Communication Cables and Wires | KILK Wiring Accessories | MARSHAL TUFFLEX Cable Management System | MARUICHI STEEL TUBE LTD Cable Management System | MEMEATON Low Voltage Switchgear | NCI Communication Cables and Wires | NISSAD NDC Cable Management System | NORDEX LIGHTING Lighting and Lighting Controls | NOVABLUE Cable Management System | POLLMANN ELEKTROTECHNIK Low Voltage Switchgear | PRECISION PLASTIC INDUSTRIES Cable Management System | PTC LITE Lighting and Lighting Controls | QUANTRAN SYSTEMS Lamps and Lighting Components | RIMALUZ SL Lighting and Lighting Controls | R R KABEL Flexible Cables and Building Wire | SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Low Voltage Switchgear | SEB Cable Management System | SUPERLAN Communication Cables and Wires | TEKAB CO LTD Communication Cables and Wires | TELEGRON Low Voltage Switchgear | VENTURE LIGHTING Lamps and Lighting Components | VOSSLOH SCHWABE Lamps and Lighting Components | ZALUX Lighting and Lighting Controls |
804, Pearl Bldg, Above Jesco S/Market, Nasr Sq, DeiraDubai, UAE 4900